Saturday, April 7, 2012

Personal Trip

Individual / Personal
This package provides the opportunity for friends of TLT to get the facilities and attractions as you wish individually or with a partner friend of TLT.
in this packet you will usually be combined with some individuals from the others.

in the package, we provide full service packages are the same as with other trip.
the advantage is you do not have to bother making friends because we are who will find this is due at least every time traveling trip should take 14 people.
in this trip you get a bed can be an individual or with your partner the most out of each room only accommodate 1-4 people.
so if you are traveling with your partner then you get a room with two people inside.

We will provide the best service for our customers.
accommodation and transport we provide, based on the type of class that consumers are asking for.

in this package price will be determined at the beginning before the first down payment.

Overall this package will get the following:
- Hotel and Retribution
- Transportation
- Food and drinks during the trip
- Life insurance
- Money retribution for some places tours


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