Saturday, April 7, 2012

Prewedding Package

For those who want to perpetuate the TLT friend sweet moment before getting married at locations that are not unusual and amazing, we are ready to help with this package. because in this package contains a trip to the place you want your mate specify.

in this trip will contain a minibus which is the number 3 man crew consisting of one photographer, driver, and the lighting man for photography.

provisions will be allowed:
- couples can bring an additional 2-4 people
- Couples can choose a different destination but the 1-2 places in one city
- The couple may ask for a photo style anything they want
- The maximum weight of goods that may be brought or a spouse is 50kg
- And other conditions existing at the time of the deal session

obtained by the couple:
- A complete tour package with accommodation and transport
- A large framed photograph 75x50cm
- Plated wooden photo album 1
- 4r print photos regular


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